Is there anything more wonderful than a good book?  Or anything more frustrating than trying to find one?  Have a seat and browse The Bookshelf for something that might interest you. 

    My impetus for developing this site grew out of my annoyance with the many newspapers that have stopped printing a dedicated book review section.  When the Washington Post succumbed to the trend, I got fed up.  Katherine Graham, the Post’s legendary owner, always said that a newspaper is known by the quality of its book review section.  Maybe she was onto something.  Maybe that’s why so many newspapers are going out of business these days; they forget that to stay viable, they have to attract — duh readers.  People who want to read a newspaper don’t want to waste precious time perusing dummied-down, Internet-style information feeds, which is what most newspapers have become.  We want meat!  Substance!

    So.  Herewith this site.  Most of the books reviewed here are “literary” rather than simply “popular” (though the two are not necessarily exclusive, thankfully).  Many are contemporary; some are classics.  Most are not new releases, primarily because money and time are limited.  And not all are fiction.  If just one of my reviews causes you to leave the computer long enough to read a book, then I’ve accomplished my purpose.  (Which seems counter-intuitive to bringing readers back to the site, but I’m hoping you’ll bookmark it or subscribe to the RSS feed.)  I’ll try to provide meaty reviews, not the three-paragraph snippets I so often see, and where I can I’ll include links to excerpts as well as to other reviews of the same book.

    (One caveat:  If some of the earlier reviews seem short, it’s because they were originally written in a notebook where I list the books I read and what I think of them.  My notes weren’t originally meant to be full-fledged reviews; they were just supposed to jog my memory or provide a cursory summary of my impressions.  But I’ve got to fill the pages here SOMEHOW, and in the interests of getting something up here, as opposed to nothing, well ... these are better than nothing.)

Maybe, though, you’re a little thirsty and need a sip of something dandy.  If so, visit Defarge’s Wine-Cellar for wine tasting notes and articles on wine and wine accessories.  Where possible I’ll research the vintner as well as the wine, and try to give you an idea of prices, too.  I also hope to provide links to other informative sites as well as to sites where you can buy wine and related items. (As always, though, please purchase and drink responsibly.) 


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I am a freelance writer living in Richmond, Virginia.  My love affair with the written word began as soon as I could read; my fondness for and appreciation of wine is a bit more recent.  Feel free to visit my professional web site, as well as Rare Aires, a site that celebrates all things Airedale.

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